Does the unemployment rate dropping below 5% impact the receptivity to conversations about ROI of automation?

Not necessarily. With customer demands like faster response times and customer service expectations there is still a payback for more automation without reducing labor. If companies are not innovating, they will struggle to remain competitive. Rates and accuracy are growing characteristics that can no longer be achieved by a manual process. Automation will also help operators with more ergonomic system designs. One reason operations will have a human element is the investment in scaling automation systems when business models change. Companies are also reexamining their e-commerce model, incorporating more of an omni-channel approach. Some brick and mortar retailers are also considering distributed order management to reduce final-mile shipping costs and faster deliveries. The Metro Atlanta Chamber has worked hard to bring jobs to Atlanta. In fact our industry is in need of people. Our industry is currently experiencing the baby boomers retiring and finding qualified replacements is difficult. The local Universities have recognized this gap and have adjusted curriculums and degrees offered accordingly. Local Professional Associations, likeCSCMPare now offering more educational programs for young professionals. There are also not enough truck drivers to fill the forecasted need.