With the evolution of the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry, clients are looking for thought leading companies that can leverage new technology to efficiently solve business inefficiencies. A2i’s business model allows us to be flexible and leverage strategic manufacturing, software and installation partner relationships to implement the right cost effective solutions for our clients across many different industries.



A2i works with some of the world’s largest third party logistics providers and understands the unique business challenges. 3PL’s use innovate solutions and data-driven decisions to increase the rate of products they ship and to remain flexible. A2i works closely to facilitate this innovation and to provide thought leadership to develop these solutions.



Manufacturing facilities can produce many different business efficiencies. A2i works with clients to develop LEAN processes throughout the operation and then leverage our partnerships to automate these processes. A2i will work with you to determine the Anything from the manufacturing line, kitting processes or direct to consumer shipping A2i has the expertise to support our Manufacturing clients.



A2i has installed hundreds of systems in the Retail industry. We understand the challenges that they face. Increased SKU velocity, rapid SKU growth, Marketing teams changing product sizes and changes in demand. A2i provides retailers flexible, reliable solutions for Omnichannel, direct-to-consumer shipping and multichannel fulfillment.



Ecommerce has revolutionized how companies approach Distribution operations strategy. Anything from Ecommerce only facilities to Omnichannel, A2i has the leadership and knowledge to create solutions that will support our client’s business goal



Due to having to move small, expensive products while ensuring all health standards are met, Healthcare facilities have some different challenges. A2i has implemented solutions that range from MDR tote systems to pick to light/voice systems to batching systems that help healthcare operations handle their products more efficiently and conveniently.



With over 100 years of experience A2i has designed many parcel handling systems for the largest parcel companies in the world.  Technologies implemented include loop sorters, shoe sorters, bulk handling conveyor, PLC controls with Mechanical and Electrical installation



A2i has partnered with some of the largest food and beverage companies in the world to help design new and retrofitted systems that support new and ever changing business models. 

We understanding our client’s business challenges and utilizing our manufacturing and development partners to design a customized solution tailored to your business needs.

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