Our Process​​​​​​​


Initially when a client approaches about a project, whether the system has been designed or not, A2i will make a site trip to ensure we understand all the details and drivers that are involved in the project. We like to meet all of the stakeholders in the project to fully understand what success is going to mean.


If the system has not already been designed, A2i will ask for the data that backs up the operation so that an analysis can be performed and a go forward recommendation can be performed.

  • Facilities Master Planning
  • Engineering studies
  • Engineering survey
  • Layout and design
  • Conveyor system design
  • Slotting analysis
  • Simulations
  • Supply Chain Network Design
  • WMS Selection
  • Labor measurement

Estimating and Design

After discovery and the consulting phase A2i Engineers will take the information that has been collected and design the most efficient system based on the analysis. They may be a racking system for a fully automated system depending on the business need.


After the contract phase A2i Engineers will finalize the design and generate all the necessary calculations and drawings to ensure a successful project.  The deliverables are below

  • Plan view drawings
  • Elevation view drawings
  • Approval drawings
  • System calculations
  • System rate requirements
  • Loads
  • Product sizes


For all our implementations, there is a Sr. Project Manager assigned to the project.   This individual is responsible for all post sales communications with our clients.  First there will be a meeting with all stakeholders in the project to define success.  After that, a detailed Microsoft schedule will be developed along with an implementation and testing plan.  The project manager is responsible for management of all disciplines and the overall success of the project.

After Go Live Support

After the system is live and operating per the agreement, the warranty period will begin.  If there are any faulty parts or the system is functioning properly A2i will send out a customer service representative to remedy the situation.  If there is a software or controls issue A2i provides remote support to anywhere in the United States.

We understand our client’s business challenges and utilize our manufacturing and development partners to design a customized solution tailored to your business needs.

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